KS bucket 

​KS bucket series

Closed model

Open model with side plates

1) This bucket have turnable wear plates, it is especially well suited for muck away units

2) 980G are only for loose material

Dimensions are in mm and weight is in kg.

The KS II bucket is a new development in the bucket series constructed for contractor work, where there are major demands for digging force, strength and stability.

The KS bucket series can be offered as a closed bucket grab or in an open version with detachable side plates, which can be mounted without any use of hand tools.

The bucket series are produced in high-strength material and provided with high powered axles and bearings. The buckets are constructed with a low building height and large opening.

Centered under the hydraulic unit, there is placed a suspension for an A hook. Max load 1000 Kg. We also offer extra load hooks for up to 3500 Kg load.

The buckets are according to regulations supplied with hoserupture valve. As an option, a piloted check valve can be offered.

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